Day1: Learn as if you were to live forever

Pick a skill

Everyone has the same amount of time and the amount of time is limited, 24 hours a day. A person who can use this 24 hours better may gain better achievement. However, there are a huge amount of skills that we can learn, especially in IT consulting industry. With the development of technology, there are countless tools on the market and there are more tools are creating every single day. As a consultant, it is impossible to learn every single skill that is on the market, so pick a promising skill and make sure you are proficient in this skill that will help you to use your time more wisely and efficiently.

However, it is always difficult to determine whether a skill is promising or not. In order to do that, you need to have a good amount of knowledge by reading from different sources. Since the Internet is well developed today, you can find almost everything you might need from the Internet.

Go and use these resources to find the skill that you want to learn!

Define a goal

The majority of people can find a skill that they want to learn, but they forget to define a goal for themselves. A goal means you need to know what you want to achieve at the end of your learning. Although I mentioned in the first paragraph that there are a lot of useful resources on the Internet, they will waste your time if you don’t know what your goal is. For example, Tableau is a very good visualization tool on the market. When I was learning Tableau, I was attracted by its fascinating visualization function. I watched many videos in order to make my dashboards fancier. However, I forgot the primary goal when I chose Tableau, which is to solve clients’ business problems.

Therefore, define a goal before learning and make sure you remember the goal throughout your learning, it will save you a huge amount of time.

Make schedule

Closeup calendar page with drawing-pins

I believe making schedule is the most important part of learning a new skill. You had your goal, but it is far from where you are now. Schedule is like dividing your goal into several small goals. As a consultant, making schedule is a great way to learn and develop your project manager skill. Although you may spend some time on scheduling, you will have a clear timeline of learning a new skill and easier to keep track on weekly, or even daily, performance.

Once you made a schedule, make sure you follow it.

Learn from sharing or teaching

“While we teach, we learn” said the Roman philosopher Seneca. People who teach others work harder to understand materials, recall it more accurately and apply it more efficiently.

Don’t hesitate to teach and share your knowledge with others.

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