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With the launch of Tableau 9.0, the amount and types of data you can work with have drastically increased. If you’re anything like me and have just recently started working with Tableau, you may have trouble building a dashboard that looks clean and presents a certain central idea. It’s sometimes difficult to find the right chart you need, make sure it accurately depicts the data, and ensure that it fits on the dashboard layout with all of your other diagrams.

What I found helps the most to solve this problem is to look at previous works done by Tableau professionals and try to implement some of the ideas they present. Take a look at this dashboard depicting New York’s real estate market by Peter Gilks.


There are lots of other great Tableau works that you can view here:

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"Data is the new oil? No, data is the new soil." - David McCandless, TEDGlobal 2010 Tableau Data Scientist/Analyst at Novedea Systems. Southern Methodist University graduate with a double major in Economics and Psychology.

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