Slicers in Excel 2013

Slicers in Excel 2013 are a very important tool that make you filter and see just the fields you want to analyze. Slicers hide all other irrelevant data to the specific analysis. Slicers filter pivot tables. We can filter and see all or some fields in the specific pivot table.

For example we have a spreadsheet of 2,000 sales people, men and women, working in different cities and regions. Some of them are getting salaries while other are working by commissions. We can slice the pivot table by the following fields: Men, Salary type, Cities, region…etc. The good thing about slicers is that they are interactive and save you time of creating more filters or opening the drop down lists. They are easy to illustrate fields in the table. In the previous example, if I want to see “women” working for the company instead of “men” I just select “women” in the slicer and unselect “men”.

Another interesting feature in Slicers, is that we can use them to filter the pivot table according to fields even if we don’t see them in the table.  It shows also the previous changes in filtering even if we didn’t do them.

In my opinion, Slicers are a better visual tool to use to filter data.


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