Using Google Maps In Your Qlik Sense Applications

Extensions provide us with a quick easy way to allow us to add additional content to our Application outside of the offerings of QlikSense. Qliktech offers a central website (Qlik Branch) where all developers can go and collaborate by sharing a bunch of projects! The following tutorial will follow the download and setup of the Goolge maps extension that was created by the community.

  1. Downloading the Google Maps extension
    1. Proceed to the following link to download the Google Maps extension.
    2. When you open the following link you will be given a page.
      1. The page contains information about the overall project it also includes
        1. The developer that created the extension
        2. Important notes or information regarding the project
    3. On the page you will notice a link that says “Project website”. Click on the link provided










    1. The link will take you to the developer’s project hosted by a website called GitHub.
      1. GitHub is the same as social website where developers can contribute to a variety of projects.

  1. In order to download the project you must select the button labeled “Download Zip”. If you click the link it will start the download.

  1. The download should take a few minutes. Once the download completes you will have a zipped file.

  1. Installing the Google maps extension.
    1. In order to install the extension we need to place the extension in the Qliksense root folder. Right click the zipped file and select “Extract All”

    2. The extraction menu will populate what we want put here is our root folder of our QlikSense Templates and click “Extract”. Note: Validate the root directory folder is correct before you extract the file as it will be different for every user.
      1. C:\Users\JohnSmith\Documents\Qlik\Sense\Extensions\Templates

  1. If done correctly you will see the extension in the templates folder.

  1. Google maps Demo
    1. The google maps extension should be available navigate and open Qliksense. Note: if you have an instance of Qliksense currently open then you must close it out and then reopen it in order to view the newly added extension.
    2. Once you have the Qliksense Dekstop Hub open select the button “Create new app” and name your application as “Google Maps Demo”

  1. When you create your application you will be redirected to the “Data load editor”. Input the following code and select the button “Load Data”.
    1. Note the important part of the code is the GeoMakePoint as this tells Qlikview that this is a geological point.





  1. Once you have loaded the data successfully save your application and click “App Overview” and select “Create New Sheet”.

  1. Open the new sheet that you recently created. With the new sheet open select the “edit” button.








  2. The sheet will switch to edit mode. What we will do is add the Google Map extension. On the left hand pane drag and drop the “Google Maps” object to the blank canvas.

  1. Once you dragged and dropped the “Google Maps” object to the canvas. You will see you have a button called “Add Dimension”. We will select the “Coordinates” column that we created during our “Data Load Editor” step.

  1. Once you have selected the dimension the map will populate. Select “Done” to close the editor menu.

  1. You now have a complete Google Maps visualization.

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